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christian christian
5/2/2015 11:49:51 AM

So to make the bait boil water add jello stir then start adding your flour mix 2 cups flour 1 cup of cornmeal you should be able to flip the pot and it not move when your done a shot of vanilla and generous with the honey put it on some floured foil and let it sit in the sun or fridge for a few days/hours to develop a nice crust (stays on the hook better) should look like dried play doh 👍👍

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Common Carp
Four Mile Creek

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These are the ingredients for my carp bait really cheap n effective just make the jello on the box except don't put it in the fridge 2 cups flour and 1 box of the corn muffin mix


    1. christian christian 0
      @cowboy713 Thx bubba stuff works everytime i go out to 👍👍
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      Great info bud

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