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Robert Bandy
5/2/2015 12:29:54 AM

Frog bite all day at Athens and putris creek .fished Athens until lunch then Purtis creek. Throwing around all the new structure and flooded grass from recent rains. Both lakes are up a foot.

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Largemouth Bass
Purtis Creek Lake

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Spro poppin frog


    1. Robert Bandy 0
      We literally beat the bank @MikeYoung never stopped casting.
    2. MikeYoung 0
      Went today caught one nice one but catching was slow according to everyone I talked to
    3. Robert Bandy 0
      @bassslayer22 did you see this? Bass caught in that frog I posted. Pretty awesome knowing you're going to use a bait and put it into action 😉. Where are the ...more ones you slay?
    4. Robert Bandy 0
      @SSNoah I love that lake. Can't wait to get back.
    5. SSNoah 0
      Nice fish sir! It was a good weekend at Athens! No pigs but lots of slots.
    6. Robert Bandy 0
      It was my first time @jugg it's a very shallow lake. Had a good time though. A lot of buck bass. It's catch and release only. I want to go back. The storm ...more messed them up I think. Still pretty good.
    7. jugg 0
      Heard that place has GREAT bass fishing, is it as good as people say?
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