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mike joppeck
5/1/2015 12:37:55 AM

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Lake Erie

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Caught a tagged eye 4/5/15 was 251/4 in was tagged4 /6/09 was 20in was tagged buy rasin river mi I caught in on the run in the maumee river Ohio got me a cool patch ya


    1. diggerman 0
      Yes they are up very good this year. @hillbillyDeluxe
    2. Donald Myers 0
      Take me with you. We caught about 20 or 30 eyes Last night all keepers.
    3. mike joppeck 0
      @diggerman u in the morels down there yet
    4. mike joppeck 0
    5. mike joppeck 0
      @DMyeWNY takin the big boat out 4 the 1 at time this ur gunna hit the reefs
    6. mike joppeck 0
      @DMyeWNY he came home with me
    7. mike joppeck 0
      @IowaAnglers it was a male they don't get the size like the female
    8. Joe Olsem 0
      So 6 years and it'll grow 5 1/4" longer?Long time!
    9. Cale Ellingson 0
      Awesome you got it back!
    10. Donald Myers 0
      I remember that post now
    11. Donald Myers 0
      Did you eat it or put it back? How far is that for a trip? That's sweet dude.
    12. SMCD920 0
      Got something like that for striped bass couple years ago
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