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4/28/2015 11:17:31 PM

Tried Tom Bass today since the temp dropped to see if they were doing something diff. Managed this solid 2.5 lb'er and that was it. Couldn't figure anything else out. Went deep, shallow, tried structure. I need help lol

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Largemouth Bass
Pearland Ponds

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T-rigged big bite worm w/ 1/8 oz tung weight


    1. bassgetter 0
      cool thanks for the tips bro @Rickerstaf
    2. Rickerstaf 0
      I have a video on YouTube. "Tombass fishing" you'll see the spot I'm talking about
    3. Rickerstaf 0
    4. Rickerstaf 0
      Also tex-rigged pearl fluke. Over on the west side of the lake by the weeds. Casting a long that weed kind and jerking the fluke. They come from under all that cover ...more and smash it sometimes
    5. Rickerstaf 0
      In the evening I had real good luck with a rage craw. Green pumpkin around the laydowns. I was casting way past the laydowns and dragging by the base of t SLOWLY. ...more They get real spooky at tombass.
    6. bassgetter 0
      I was thinking about trying my luck tomorrow never been there before any tips @Rickerstaf
    7. Rickerstaf 0
      I was there Friday and Saturday. Couldn't catch em Saturday but saw some bigguns swimming around @bassgetter
    8. bassgetter 0
      nice fish bro have u been out there lately
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