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4/25/2015 10:31:37 AM

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Largemouth Bass
Pamunkey River

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rainbow mepps


    1. Bassfishinboy11 0
    2. Bassfishinboy11 0
      And it's not small
    3. Bassfishinboy11 0
      Dude what the heck you haven't caught a largemouth bass that big and i have caught many 4&5 pounders
    4. Angler10 0
      Its small
    5. Angler10 0
      No you havent and I couldn't care less if you are getting mad
    6. Angler10 0
      Yes i have
    7. Bassfishinboy11 0
      I have caught a lot of 5 pounders and 4 pounders and they weren't that big
    8. Bassfishinboy11 0
      You've never caught a largemouth that big so your callin it small
    9. Bassfishinboy11 0
      @Angler10 your makin me mad 😡🔥😤
    10. Bassfishinboy11 0
      Dude stop it your like being dumb it was 9 1/2 pounds gosh
    11. Angler10 0
      Thats like 4/12
    12. Angler10 0
    13. Angler10 0
      Its not even 6 pounds you a messed up scale then
    14. Bassfishinboy11 0
    15. Bassfishinboy11 0
      Well you weren't there when he caught it he caught it on a mepps in winter and we weighed it and it said 9 1/2 pounds
    16. Angler10 0
      I don't believe it
    17. Bassfishinboy11 0
      And no it wasn't 4 or 5 it was 9 and1/2 pounds
    18. Bassfishinboy11 0
      Yes don't hate on me 😡 @aus_10 and @Angler10
    19. aus_10 0
      Hey @Bassfishinboy11 did you weigh it?
    20. Angler10 0
      Thats like 4 pounds prob 5
    21. Bassfishinboy11 0
      This 9and1/2 pound had a baby crappie inside of his stomach and we pulled it out of him and when he was like turning blue and i told my dad we should of mounted ...more it but it had been to late to get him
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