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4/25/2015 12:33:56 AM

Casted my spook into the middle of the lake and fished slow, hit about 30ft off the bank. We think it was at least 5+. We saw lots of bass hitting topwater and a few bass still bedding. I caught two on beds earlier in the day using a white jig. Cloudy weather and dirty water.

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Largemouth Bass
Lady Bird Lake

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6in Spook


    1. saylor_cline 0
      Thanks! @simmsrenegade61
    2. simmsrenegade61 0
      Definitely AT LEAST 5lbs. Nice fish
    3. ThomasJ 0
      Oh you caught that fucking bitch by the fucking dam
    4. ThomasJ 0
      Where and the fuck was that
    5. NYbigbucks 0
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