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4/20/2015 4:12:12 AM

Fishing trip back in 08. Good time with the boys

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Live target frog


    1. Hooksetter1999 0
      No it was a charter @mdriscoll12
    2. mdriscoll12 0
      Photo shop you shit
    3. jmoyer 0
      I'll wait
    4. Hooksetter1999 0
      @jmoyer I can but I want Swamps approval first since he's an OG
    5. jmoyer 0
      please do. I don't think you can admin
    6. Hooksetter1999 0
      @SwampDad get this guy outta here
    7. Hooksetter1999 0
      @jmoyer how so? You think it's funny to go around on people's pics and comment that?
    8. jmoyer 0
      clearly thats fake
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