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4/14/2015 3:16:05 PM

Found a new pond. It's weird because it's right near a shopping center and it's just in a random location, and the pond seems to have little to no vegetation. Like when I hit bottom with a swimbait I pulled up maybe a leaf that's it. So idk if there will be many fish coming from this pond, but I'll continue to fish it. Caught this off the bank, In one of the corners of the pond. Good fish

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Largemouth Bass
Allen Ponds

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Zoom 6" red watermelon finesse worm


    1. Sam Meaders 0
      Awesome man sounds good @Tate_peterson
    2. Tate_peterson 0
      Hmm. I wonder how many fish are In there. Obviously not much. I'll keep trying and post whatever I catch @sammeaders
    3. Sam Meaders 0
      Yeah I've fished it 2 times and came up empty
    4. Tate_peterson 0
      You know which one I'm talking about? Near fair view like the in n out? That's what I heard, like that there arent fish in the pond. That was the only bite. ...more I saw a lot of baitfish though @sammeaders
    5. Sam Meaders 0
      Any other bites? I've never caught a fish at that pond
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