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4/13/2015 4:44:33 PM

Following rainy cold front with bluebird skies! Fish on secondary pts. w cover at 8-10'. Slooooooow Rollin' n waiting for that tap, tap. Lowrance said they were there... So when they didn't hit, I slowed down some more n BAM! These 2 were enough to earn $100 gift card and 50# Digital Scale in small Tourney. Should've seen the 1 lip hooked got away!

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Largemouth Bass
Beech Lake

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3/8 oz. Booyah tandem spinnerbait (gold willow blades) with white/gill skirt and pearl baby brush hog. Med. action 7' Spinning Rod w Mitchel 401 reel and 6# braid, double surgeons knot with no leader.


    1. Buck_Fly 0
    2. Ben_Sanford 0
      @Buck_Fly love slow Rollin a Colorado blade w black skirt n trailer under a full moon for hot weather Pickwick Lake smallmouths.
    3. Buck_Fly 0
      Slow rolling spinnerbaits has been very productive for me at times. Especially at night!
    4. Marcus Lane 0
      Nice fish!
    5. RobO 0
      @Ben_Sanford glad to see u back out there catching some
    6. Ben_Sanford 0
      Had a great time away from the plant with co-workers.
    7. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Sounds like a good day
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