A photo of Calvin Fease's catch

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Calvin Fease
4/12/2015 4:57:47 PM

Here's one of my 31 pound limit on Fork, 04/10/15. Pitch jigs, Texas-rigs, shaky-heads, and other stuff at key targets on transition points and creek channels in about 6 FOW. You can also go up to the bank and sight fish, but I didn't see anything over 5 there. I REALLY wish I hadn't left my swimbaits in the car. I would've done work with my Deps and Hudds...

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Fork Reservoir

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This fish came on an LFT Baby Ring Fry on an 1/8 oz Owner shaky-head. I fished it on a Dobyns Champion 682 casting rod with an Abu Garcia Gen2 Revo Premier spooled with 10# Seaguar InvisX fluorocarbon


    1. Calvin Fease 0
      @williamd1999 that's actual where I caught it.
    2. William William 0
      That's awesome. I haven't ever thrown a 10XD. I'm gonna have to try it this summer on ray bob or fork.
    3. Calvin Fease 0
      @williamd1999 that's awesome. Ring fries rule. I'm honestly not sure what my PB is. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a fish I caught two summers ago ...more on a 10XD.
    4. William William 0
      Nice fish btw. I caught my PB on an LFT ring fry wacky rigged
    5. Calvin Fease 0
      @williamd1999 I might actually stop saying what lake. Haha this pic just made it a little too obvious.
    6. William William 0
      I gotcha. I understand keeping spots on the down low for sure
    7. Calvin Fease 0
      @williamd1999 Lately, I've been blurring my photos if you can tell where I am. Just keeps my "special spots" from becoming community holes.
    8. Calvin Fease 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch this was my biggest. My dad got one a few ounces bigger.
    9. William William 0
      Hey I've been to that spot before! 😂
    10. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      This your biggest from the day?
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