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christian christian
4/11/2015 3:19:54 PM

Microlite and channels cats what an awesome combo!! Water 10-12 ft deep usin a regular ole nightcrawler on a size 3/0 circle hook on my microlite we were bustin em!! All this warm rain has the cats on the move time to get my flathead gear ready 😎😎

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Channel Catfish
Miami River

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Just regular ole nightcrawlers


    1. christian christian 0
      I normally tie up then release when the fish is on i practiced in lakes first
    2. fishinfool23 0
      Thanks man, 1 more question, do you anchor off, or tie off to something, or just drift? I feel like the current, and or a nice catfish will really drag you around
    3. christian christian 0
      You'll find the holes
    4. christian christian 0
      @fishinfool23 bro just look for cover study the rivers flatties associate with cover outside bends eddies just take a couple scouting trips and get the hang of the ...more river
    5. fishinfool23 0
      Were pulling in last year
    6. fishinfool23 0
      Hey just bought a kayak, and was planning on fishing the Miami for some big cats. Was wondering if you had any advise or pointers I could use to help get me in them, ...more I've seen the monsters you guys
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