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4/7/2015 6:55:14 PM

Caught this sunfish while fishing for carp, just not sure exactly what sunfish he is

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Bluegill Sunfish
Conway Chain of Lakes

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Sweet corn


    1. WPS_fishing 0
      Nice monster coppernose
    2. Collin Collin 0
      One of the coolest color combos I've ever seen on a sunfish 👍
    3. weebs 0
      @lainedillard that's good to know, thanks for the extra info man
    4. Laine Dillard 0
      It's a coppernose bluegill the big bulls turn that color pumpkinseed are a cooler water species and aren't found any where in Florida
    5. theSturgeonGeneral13 0
      Glad I could help, I have seen a few strangely colored gills myself, interesting info about the sun @weebs
    6. weebs 0
      @McGrath82 thank man you got some cool fish too lol
    7. McGrath82 0
      Cool looking fish
    8. weebs 0
      @theSturgeonGeneral13 thanks man after some research I think it's this color from the sun
    9. theSturgeonGeneral13 0
      I think that may just be a very peculiarly colored Bluegill, I don't believe Pumpkinseed are native to Florida
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