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4/3/2015 9:30:49 PM

Went last night to gig flounder and got 10. We were wading the shoreline from Port O Conner to Indianola.

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Gulf Flounder
Port O'Connor

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    1. stexasbowhunter 0
      Not a single one @katy_bowpro
    2. katy_bowpro 0
      See any rays out there?
    3. stexasbowhunter 0
      Ok we were supposed to stay out all night and gig and then fish in the morning but plans changed when everybody got tired @marctrejo
    4. marc trejo 0
      Good deal. Now i need to plan a trip thats were i usually fish aswell
    5. stexasbowhunter 0
    6. stexasbowhunter 0
    7. marc trejo 0
      The shoreline from boggy towards indianola
    8. southtxfisher 0
      Nice where in port o connor
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