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4/3/2015 8:01:43 PM

So there's finally been a break in the cold weather here and I was able to get out to a pond yesterday. I'd never fished it before and honestly I didn't have high hopes for the place. It was very slow at first with no bites and out of nowhere I had a fish on. Finally after such a long winter, I got my first fish of 2015 and it weighed in at 4lbs! Awesome way to kick off the season

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Largemouth Bass

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Strike King Red Eye Shad - Orange Belly Craw


    1. _colecorrigan 0
      Alright my man, thanks!
    2. MDBassmaster 0
      Pretty boy reservoir but I've never got the chance to fish them. I don't know if it's too far for you but Piney Run reservoir is my go to lake
    3. MDBassmaster 0
      @_colecorrigan Sorry to say but I don't usually fish near Baltimore. I live in Frederick Country and this fish was caught at Culler Lake in Frederick. I've ...more heard good things about Loch Raven and
    4. _colecorrigan 0
      Hello, I live near the city and usually fish at Robert E. Lee park and they are closed to fisherman due to spawning. Any good honey holes?
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