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4/2/2015 7:27:45 PM

pre sun up and just after dawn, they were running hard. Only 1 oversize a few undersize and 3 hard missed runs. casting from the point at causeway to where the channel meets the flats. Ended with limits and a red drum between 2 of us. Heavy fog, mild winds, tide coming in, 3-4 oz spider weights, 6/0 hooks on a HardLife leader.

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Black Drum
Packery Channel

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dead sea lice, orange crab fishbites, pink shrimp fish bites, crab. KastKing RXA60/KastKing perigree punching rod/KastKing 30# copolymer top shot KastKing 30# braid back and kastking RXA90


    1. 👍
    2. GizmosBait 0
      @MagicYaker yeah I noticed after I put the name now I'm just being lazy and thanks man, that RXA60 kicked a 27" butt on the frogging rod man!
    3. robz713 0
      Nice man
    4. Laguna madre bro! Nice haul.
    5. Reel_Smooth 0
      Yeah, thats usually how it happens
    6. GizmosBait 0
      @Reel_Smooth thanks, it was a good morning. all the action in less than 2 hours.
    7. Reel_Smooth 0
      Good haul bud
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