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4/2/2015 5:35:42 AM

Between the bridges custom fishing can pour you any plastics or paint you any hard baits that you want at a super reasonable price. Brady is one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and taught me how to pour tonight. These were just some of our creations. In his words, "if you want it, we can make it." This means colors, baits etc. email them at betweenthebridgesllc@gmail.com for inquiries. Or dm me!

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Largemouth Bass

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    1. joemac2242 0
      They're sick @tkotattoos. Gonna see if they like them in Lake Austin tomorrow or not!
    2. Tim Knecht 0
      Those craws look nasty!!
    3. joemac2242 0
      That craw on the bottom is all of 7" long, as long as the magnum fluke next to it. Rattlesnakes are 6" long. He can make everything from senkos to jig ...more trailers. Let me know if you have questions!