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4/2/2015 6:14:34 PM

Casting 10 feet parallel away from the bank I would cast then let it fall then twitch it a couple times and reel in the slack...twitch it a couple more times then reel in slack again. Once Bass hit let it run with it then once it stopped set the hook and reeled her in! 3.12Lbs personal best so far... Tight Lines!

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
George Bush Park Ponds

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"Yum Crawfish" Watermelon green, Texas rigged with a 1/8oz bullet weight and a 3/0 EWG Hook... Lew's American Hero baitcast combo reeled with 12LB H2O mono.


    1. miguel moreno 0
      u need to post them asap when ur done fishing boii!!!
    2. Ignacio 0
      Love them fat girls!
    3. Ignacio 0
      Yea I'm always late to post my blerts lol and yea hopefully@slatwater
    4. miguel moreno 0
      finally posting it boii??? hopefully tomorrow we get into them big girls
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