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4/1/2015 9:53:41 PM

S/O to my sponsor at fast fish baits. He caught both of these pigs on lanier, and both on his custom lures. Contact me if interested in some of his outstanding baits. If interested you can text me at 770-656-0360

Catch Details

Spotted Bass
Lake Sidney Lanier

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Fast fish custom baits


    1. averyprobst 0
      With the help of fast fish baits lol @King_Fisher
    2. King_Fisher 0
      Pig spots!
    3. averyprobst 0
      Thanks man. All thanks to fast fish baits @Garrison243
    4. Garrison243 0
      Nice spots!
    5. garrett weiss 0
    6. averyprobst 0
      ^ @garrettjweiss
    7. averyprobst 0
      ^ and thanks man
    8. averyprobst 0
      He caught those two on one of their jerk baits @ garrettjweiss
    9. garrett weiss 0
      What kind of baits. That's awesome congrats on a sponsor
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