A photo of Tristan Deputy's catch

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Tristan Deputy
3/28/2015 3:20:33 AM

Great night of fishing!

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Broken Bow Lake

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Texas rigged zoom watermelon seed zoom brush hog. War eagle jig.


    1. Tristan Deputy 0
      Hmmm no I don't remember wondering that... @Salt_fishin
    2. Salt_fishin 0
      And you wonder why it's tough to catch a trophy fish...
    3. robz713 0
      It's 6 @doug00g
    4. mike joppeck 0
      Nice haul👍
    5. diggerman 0
    6. David Willson 0
      What do u do with all of them. It doesn't look like they're gonna go swimming any time soon
    7. doug00g 0
    8. Tristan Deputy 0
      Infinite @doug00g
    9. doug00g 0
      What's the limit?
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