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3/27/2015 4:07:23 AM

Hey guys! I'm going to be making a big video on perusing big bass with swimbaits. I am going to cover fundamentals of targeting big bass with big baits, the type of gear, the baits, and how to catch trophy largemouth. Also, if there is anything in particular you want to know about swimbait fishing that I could include in the video, please leave a comment and I will cover it. Thanks!

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Largemouth Bass

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Deps slide swimmer 250


    1. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      No problem glad to help @CalvinFease
    2. Calvin Fease 0
      Good man! I appreciate you making a video about how to do something that most people never give a chance.
    3. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
    4. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      If the pond has like trouts and larger fish that are the main food source. But if it is like mainly bluegill and sunfish the Bullshooter is great
    5. bassforever 0
      When would you use the 250 ss and when would you use the bull shooter
    6. bassforever 0
      I don't know witch one to get
    7. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      Depends, there is a time and place for both of them. Completely different baits. For trout and larger bait fish the 250 is great. For bluegill and panfish the bluegill ...more is great @bassforever
    8. bassforever 0
      Do you recommend a deps 250 ss or a bull-shooter
    9. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @big_bass great point...will do
    10. big_bass 0
      Not true
    11. big_bass 0
      Also include weather conditions for throwing big baits, and the most important thing the mindset because people always think every time they go out they will catch ...more a fish on a swimbait, but that's ...
    12. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @eastonsutley no problem and I will. For me the flash Carp and flash bass and trout kill it. I would prefer it over the normal colors
    13. eastonsutley 0
      I understand that but the fish I fish for get no swimbait fishing pressure. And thanks if you need and bait action footage hit me up. Also what color Deps get bit ...more the best flash vs no flash.
    14. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @eastonsutley I only have the hinkle trout so I'll defiantly be showing that. You can ask a lot of big bait throwers, the baitsmith has a lot more mojo than ...more the HUDD. I will go in depth with it as wel
    15. eastonsutley 0
      An interview with manny would be sweet to include also.
    16. eastonsutley 0
      Supreme advantage. I already have a 250 and negotiator and I would spend money to buy more but they are hard baits that will last. Also show the hinkle shad and ...more trout and a mother if you have those.
    17. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @eastonsutley that's a great idea! Will do. I
    18. eastonsutley 0
      Hudd vs baitsmith magnum review/comparison. When and why would you choose it over a hudd I just can't justify buying a 80-120 dollar soft bait that will eventually ...more get torn up unless it gives me a....
    19. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @River_Brothers_Outdoors I'll be using a lot of different types of swimbaits in this video. And yes some are expensive and some are cheaper.
    20. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      What? @River_Brothers_Outdoors
    21. Hug
    22. You failed by informing us to use a bait that cost more than the trip itself. Use hogs and
    23. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @bassinaz25 AZ Urbanswimbait
    24. bassinaz25 0
      What's your youtube name?
    25. bassforever 0
      The fall
    26. bassforever 0
      I think tackle warehouse is going to start selling 250 and bull shooters sometime in that fall
    27. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      130-180 @bassforever
    28. bassforever 0
      How muck did you pay for your deps
    29. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @bassinaz25 will do
    30. Jbird_401 0
      @bassinaz25 you should check out Tactical Bassin's S-Waver video on youtube. They got some bangin footage and good info bro
    31. bassinaz25 0
      Will you be putting it on YouTube,
    32. bassinaz25 0
      How to fish a glide bait
    33. Garrison243 0
      @bassforever there is a place near my house that carries deps, and the new jackal gantarel and spro rats, and all that good stuff. Check their website out anglersprotackle.com, ...more they have most colors
    34. bassforever 0
      Ok thanks
    35. big_bass 0
      @bassforever you can get them on eBay as well as places like SwimbaitUnderground.
    36. bassforever 0
      Where do you get your deps
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