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3/25/2015 8:20:37 PM

5lb 2oz. Working the jig parallel to the bank with a slow crawl and intermittent hops over rocks or any structure. She picked it up after a hop and took off. Nice change of pace from sight fishing and throw lipless cranks. Enjoy Yall!

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Largemouth Bass
Katy Ponds

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1/2oz Buckeye Mop Jig with a Stanley Craw Trailer fished on Shimano Chronarch 201e7 w/ 50lb PowerPro on a 7'11" H Shimano Crucial Flippin Rod


    1. Ben_Sanford 0
    2. Stewart Horton 0
      What are some good fishing spots in Katy? I'm going to be there all day tomorrow and I thought I might as well try some fishing @Jimmy_Lynch
    3. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @stewhort57 no sir
    4. Stewart Horton 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch is this Mary Jo Peckham?
    5. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Or in the case of big fish, no having that power to keep me from heading to cover and not worrying about line break when I drop the hammer on a hookset!
    6. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 yeah that sounds like a lot of fun... I grew up on 8lb mono and spinning reels fishing the coast and lakes for bass. I just prefer the power to winch ...more bass in and not worry about line break
    7. thedevman1 0
      Inline spinners it works better.
    8. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      I actually prefer 30lb braid over anything but don't have a reel spooled up with it right now. I got 15lb mono, 12lb fluoro and 50lb braid on my rigs right now
    9. thedevman1 0
      FYI back in the pacific NW when fishing for salmon and steelhead most guys use 8 lb test. Guided a friend once and that's what he caught his 53 lb salmon on. ...more Dragggg. Then again when you're throwing
    10. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 yeah light line is fun but I get edgy with anything under 15lb. It's my safe number and I haven't seen the need for braid over 50lb strength ...more for my uses because I fish all over
    11. thedevman1 0
      Well duh lol! I got the 65 lb power pro in an emergency because it was on sale. I like it ok but miss my seaguar smack down. As far as fluro I love light line. The ...more fight is awesome
    12. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      What it is! All kinds of different preferences and techniques
    13. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 I've never had a problem with 50lb PowerPro. And yeah the 20lb is heavy but my reels are 200 series so they have A TON of line capacity. To each ...more their own though, it's what makes fishing
    14. thedevman1 0
      I broke off too much on 50. I love my 65 for heavy cover. 20 lb fluro seems like a lot. I don't think my reel could handle it.
    15. robz713 0
    16. AllWaterLife 0
      12 lb trilene braid
    17. Jacob Breaux 0
      The skirts did come off
    18. Jacob Breaux 0
      @BrandonScottAlt Same as Jimmy
    19. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @BrandonScottAlt 50lb braid or 20lb Fluoro
    20. AllWaterLife 0
      12 lb trilene
    21. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @bassinboy01 did the skirts come off on your H2O jigs?
    22. Brandon alt 0
      What pound string do Yall use on your jigs? @bassinboy01 @AllWaterLife
    23. Brandon alt 0
      What pound string do Yall use on your jigs? @bassinboy01 @allwaterlife
    24. Jacob Breaux 0
      @AllWaterLife I used to like them, but had problems with their skirt keepers, and haven't tried them since they changed them. But might have to check them out ...more again. A 3lber is nothing to scoff at!!
    25. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @AllWaterLife no sir. I stay away from academy and their H2O brand and don't support it. Just a personal thing to me. By your result it seems they work though
    26. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @bassinboy01 yeah they a popular in general. There is a reason Strike King is as big of a company it is. They make good stuff
    27. AllWaterLife 0
      Have yall tried H20 express jigs? They're pretty decent. Caught my PB 3 lber with one
    28. Jacob Breaux 0
      I gotcha. Yea they're pretty popular among many Skouters, maself included 👍
    29. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @bassinboy01 well the jig worked yesterday but it's not often I get "jiggy" with it. I have no experience with the Strike King jigs but with as much ...more as they are used I'd say they work pretty well :)
    30. Jacob Breaux 0
      That's a good base my boy. How do you like those jigs? I've been only throwing strike king for the past couple years
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