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3/25/2015 12:24:21 AM

Stuck my first fish with my new 250!

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Largemouth Bass
Gila River

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Deps 250 slide swimmer


    1. bassforever 0
      Ok thanks
    2. bassinaz25 0
      water is mercy and there are lots of bluegills or during the spawn I would throw the bull shooter and clear water 250 there are a lot of different conditions but ...more those are the basic ones @bassforever
    3. bassforever 0
      Meant what would you use a 250 ss condition wise and what would you use a bull shooter condition wise
    4. bassforever 0
      What would you you's a 3
    5. bassinaz25 0
      Depends on the condition @bassforever
    6. bassforever 0
      So you would recommend a 250 slide swimmer
    7. bassinaz25 0
      It's biwa masu the hook up ratio is crap because the bait is so wide and it depends on the conditions @bassforever
    8. bassforever 0
      Do you recommend the slide swimmer or the bull shooter
    9. bassforever 0
      How is you hook up ratio with the bull-shooter
    10. bassforever 0
      What color
    11. lawson88fish 0
      What Rod do you use?
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