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dillon juarez
3/19/2015 2:19:32 AM

I saw a giant bass today at the river and didn't have my rod, it looked like it was in spawn and it was right off the edge of a rock, anyways I don't normally try for spawning bass but was wondering If yall had any tips/ tricks and tackle that might help me catch it

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Largemouth Bass
Frio River

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Spawning bass


    1. dillon juarez 0
      I feel dumb it never even crossed my mind to look on YouTube thanks for the advice and I'll be sure to let you know how it goes @lukerevere7
    2. lukerevere7 0
      If you really want to learn some. Go on YouTube and just search how to fish the bass spawn or how to bass fish and you can learn a lot. That's how I learned ...more most of what I know lol but good luck
    3. dillon juarez 0
      Oh ok thanks I don't know much about bass and that's one of the biggest I've seen usually there are so many people around that the little ones bite but ...more these where away from every body @lukerevere7
    4. lukerevere7 0
      No way they'll be spawned out in a week. Some might still be pairing up in week. You'll be good even if that one finds a pair and spawns there will be plenty ...more more
    5. dillon juarez 0
      Thanks I am thinking about going next week but I don't want them to be spawned out by the time I get to try lol @lukerevere7
    6. lukerevere7 0
      And try a Senko bait first. If they haven't dropped eggs yet then a Senko will out fish the lizard
    7. lukerevere7 0
      Snag it๐Ÿ‘
    8. lukerevere7 0
      It might've just been a male finding a spot for his bed. But even if it wasn't they should pair up soon and it will be on. Check that spot next time you're ...more out and if he/she is still there then try to
    9. dillon juarez 0
      Thanks I'm still not too sure if it was spawning because there was only the one I was originally thinking to free line a live perch near it but I'll try ...more the lizard trick @lukerevere7
    10. lukerevere7 0
      Real slow towards the bed. Maybe let it sit a little on the bed to give them so time to eat it. But it might take a while to get them to bite. Just gotta keep at ...more it
    11. lukerevere7 0
      Won't have any of that. Also a Big Bite Baits war hog is amazing for the spawn. Resembles a bluegill trying to eat their eggs but pretty much anything will catch ...more them. Just be persistent and work it
    12. lukerevere7 0
      When they start laying eggs get some soon lizards. Color doesn't really matter too much but clear water=natural colors dirty water= bright colors. Looks like ...more a lizard trying to eat their eggs. They
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