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3/13/2015 4:50:48 AM

Alright guys check this out! It's called a trigger grip! Just like the reel grips just for the trigger! Should be very comfortable flipping! I got these and a few other things at the Louisiana sportsman expo and thought I'd share this one!

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Largemouth Bass
St. Amant Ponds

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    1. krazy_kayaker 0
      I just got home had to work all night! @ChanceHuiet it's called trigger happy comfort grip the have a website and Facebook
    2. krazy_kayaker 0
      I payed 5$ at expo idk how much retail but give me a few to get home and I will get you the website! @ChanceHuiet @hatemore so comfortable flipping I used it this ...more morning
    3. hatemore 0
      Different. But a good idea!