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texasfishingkid kid
3/11/2015 10:04:37 PM

I got the abu garcia ambassadeur 20000 from my pe coach . I love it the only problem is that the spool won't turn but I'm working on it now. anybody else have this reel if so can I get a review.

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Black Drum
Baytown Ponds

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an amazing coach


    1. EmahnH 0
      K I'll try to do tha vid as soon as I can
    2. texasfishingkid kid 0
    3. texasfishingkid kid 0
      ok thanks it's dylan_sho
    4. EmahnH 0
      I have one and you have Instagram so I can DM you a video?
    5. reefboi16 0
    6. texasfishingkid kid 0
      oh I just put it there cause I might go out the to fish over the break @reefboi16
    7. reefboi16 0
      Ah ok thought you were in baytown thought I might know him I work for the local school district.
    8. texasfishingkid kid 0
      I go to school in Beaumont @reefboi16
    9. reefboi16 0
      Fishallday what school you go to bro?
    10. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      @Reel_Smooth is the Abu GuRu he can help you out with this
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