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2/25/2015 5:33:25 AM

Hate to do this, imma miss these baits. Got me a tone of nice fish. These babies are gonna be going towards another hinkle trout.

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Largemouth Bass

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Deps 250


    1. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      No @highschoolchamp
    2. Alec Morrison 0
      All three of them?
    3. bassinaz25 0
    4. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      I traded them for a hinkle @bassinaz25 @mharr32
    5. bassinaz25 0
      How much u want for the blood? Or flash?
    6. mharr32 0
      How much? @Azurbanswimbaiter
    7. big_bass 0
      Honestly I would keep the deps but I guess the hinkles are more premium then deps so I'd see why you are trading them
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