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2/25/2015 7:53:03 PM

My wife got me this for my birthday even tho it's next week she couldn't wait 1 more week to give it to me and I'm glad love you sweetie. 😘🎣

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Largemouth Bass
Hillsborough Bay

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    1. guttahCreek 0
      You're right @yipkaming123 only if you throw it too far it's a nice device but not wroth the money it you can get a good 50 to 60 feet it before you lose ...more connection.
    2. Ka Ming Yip 0
      I heard the Bluetooth doesn't work really well? Always lose connection?
    3. guttahCreek 0
      *got cha*
    4. guttahCreek 0
      No problem @marctrejo gotta cha I'll keep you guys posted
    5. guttahCreek 0
      Online @123Estfan I'll get the info for Ya later
    6. guttahCreek 0
    7. 123Estfan 0
      Where did she get that
    8. marc trejo 0
      Can u tell ur wife to call mine so she can get it for me for fathers day. Lol. Congrats i have been reading up on that deal pretty neat. Let me know how it goes
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