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2/18/2015 4:24:44 AM

Stuck my first magnum fish a couple of days ago. Great fished weighed in at 4 pounds

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Largemouth Bass
Chaparral Lake

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Baitsmith magnum


    1. eastonsutley 0
      Well I already got a 250 so why not it's only $35 haha
    2. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @spookymasterHQ doybns 867
    3. spookmasterHQ 0
      what rod is that
    4. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @eastonsutley I didn't really like it. But I'm more of a glide bait guy
    5. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
      @eastonsutley I didn't reallyik
    6. Azurbanswimbaiter 0
    7. eastonsutley 0
      Nice chunk. Have you used savage gears 12" bait yet. I think I'm going to pick one up soon.
    8. BearC02 0
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