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2/10/2015 1:54:56 AM

79 degrees water was clear throwing the worm into the brush popped it a couple of times and let it sit and manged this 4lber gave a good fight and came out of the water a few times had 4 today this was the biggest

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Largemouth Bass
Greens Bayou

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wacky rigged green and silver shim e stick


    1. joshua puente 0
      don't know what time I get off
    2. saltyrocket 0
      Me to @joshpuente probably around 3
    3. joshua puente 0
      am gonna fish it tomorrow after work
    4. joshua puente 0
      about 12 inches
    5. saltyrocket 0
      nice @joshpuente were they big
    6. joshua puente 0
      he after you left yesterday I was able to pull 2 out of their
    7. saltyrocket 0
      @Billy_CrankAddict_Wells sounds good. we will have to get out there. i go pretty much everyday after work. except wed. i usually fish around jfk and aldine ...more bender.
    8. Billy WELLS 0
      Salty rocket . Hello I'm known as the CrankAddict ( Billy ) seems like to me we should share some water sometime . Always wanted to try that greens bayou just ...more don't know where to start.
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