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kenny kenny
2/8/2015 5:17:17 AM

Using my 9.5' 6 wt fly rod with a Jesse James 7/8 reel rigged with an indicator and 7' of 6lb seaguar flouro leader and two BB split shot above the bead I stuck this 21" bow at the bottom of a slow 6' deep run right below a small rapid. It was quite the acrobat and took awhile to get to the net

Catch Details

Golden Rainbow Trout
Pit River

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8mm yellow bead pegged 1.5" above a #6 owner mosquito hook


    1. kenny kenny 0
      @atxflyfishing yes I do. It is pricy, but very nice. Ultra smooth and silent line retrieve, sealed very smooth drag, and for a 7/8 only weighs a little over 5oz. ...more I does draw some attention, I must say
    2. atxflyfishing 0
      you like the jesse james so far?
    3. King_Fisher 0
      Great fish! I saw one that size yesterday just napping on the the bottom and I literally bumped him in the head with several different flys and lined him a few times ...more and he wouldn't move!

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