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2/8/2015 4:38:57 AM

Free lining with a weight, catch the biggest catfish to date👍im making an estimate of 28-30" and about te weight, it's bigger than my last catfish, which was 15. Does 16 pounds look reasonable? Great fight. 60 degrees, uncomfortably windy. Just letting the bait sit until drag started screaming

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Channel Catfish
McKinney ponds

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    1. Tate_peterson 0
      Thanks! Of course @that_bass_tho
    2. that_bass_tho 0
      Nice fat channel, bet it was a heck of a fight!
    3. Tate_peterson 0
      Thanks again! @crookcody19
    4. crookcody19 0
      No problem man! Great catch
    5. Tate_peterson 0
      Thanks man! @crookcody19
    6. crookcody19 0
      Yeah 16 to 18 would be a good estimate
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