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1/29/2015 1:04:58 PM

Finally got out between wind/cold fronts, rediscovered an old spot, plenty of 15-20" snook, nothing big but a beautiful day and steady action.

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Fat Snook
Terra Ceia Bay

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Berkley ripple shad, 4" smelt;5/0 3/16oz VMC weedless swimbait hook.


    1. Matthew_L 0
      @ReelGame Look me up! Come on down for some snook action.
    2. @ReelGame Road Trip! 👍👍👍
    3. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      maybe myself and @TX_REELGRL can plan a trip down to the LLM i know there is snook down there or go with you to FLORIDA
    4. Matthew_L 0
      Thanks @ReelGame @sugarypinksand
    5. Matthew_L 0
      @thedevman1 Thanks man, I grew up bass fishing but yes, snook are my favorite. We use a lot of lures/techniques that we use for bass. Snook fight like crazy, truly ...more a blast to catch.
    6. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Great catch
    7. sugarypinksand 0
      What fun!!
    8. thedevman1 0
      The snook master!! We don't have them close by here in Tx, but I gather you like them because they put up a good fight?
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