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1/26/2015 4:21:15 PM

The pond that holds some big bass by my house is finally cleared of algae. Need to get rid of some trees so we can cast and hopefully the bass are still alive. If not we'll take bass from the creek and put them in there

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Largemouth Bass
Pearland Ponds

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    1. txbassin 0
      It had some last year. We'll see. I'll post later today if I catch any
    2. crookcody19 0
      Oh okay just wondering cause depending on the depth of the water it can help save the fish from algae bloom. Hopefully the pond will still hold some pigs for you.
    3. txbassin 0
      I only got to 4 foot but I didn't go to the middle so I don't know
    4. crookcody19 0
      Nice size pond! How deep does it get?
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