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1/22/2015 7:52:27 AM

Duane Redford was my fishing guide. He took my dad, uncle, and myself on our first fly fishing trip in July on the South Platte River. We all caught over 20 rainbows a piece (no exaggeration).

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Golden Rainbow Trout
South Platte River

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9', 5-weight fly rod, indicator, and multiple different flies.


    1. BassPacker5280 0
      We were at FairPlay beach
    2. King_Fisher 0
      @bassman3869 I don't know where you are but on the streams by me I'd be pretty pumped to have a 20fish day.
    3. BassPacker5280 0
      I can post some pics when my dad gets back from vacation.
    4. BassPacker5280 0
      They were between 13-19 inches. But we're talking over 60 in a few hours I thought that was pretty good.
    5. Isaac Carey 0
      Where they big trout because 20 trout isn't all that much
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