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1/14/2015 2:03:23 AM

Fly fishing is addicting

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Butterfly Peacock Bass

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    1. fagrhdhdfhf 0
      F'in creep ^
    2. darthsteelius 0
      did I ever mention the fact that im in love with you..nice fish
    3. Matthew_L 0
      South Florida, I'm in the Tampa Bay Area, we're too far north for these, they cannot tolerate a freeze.
    4. BigFatty 0
      Bet you're right @RafaelF
    5. Rafael Flores 0
      Florida I bet @BigFatty
    6. BassPacker5280 0
      Beautiful fish.
    7. BigFatty 0
      Where did you catch it? Thought those were South American species.
    8. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Freshwater @walleyebasshunter
    9. luke s 0
      Are those salt water or freshwater fish???
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