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1/1/2015 1:49:13 AM

Can't complain about this fishing trip!!! Caught another ten pounder a day after the one I posted yesterday. I was fishing in the same spot too. This time I managed to keep her out of the brush though. This fish was shorter than the one I caught the day before but was extremely fat. This lake is small but has tons of huge fish the kid next to me was catching two pound bluegills left and right

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Largemouth Bass

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Red craw bomber model 7a. Duckett ghost cranking with tatula 5:4:1


    1. Liam5ends 0
      Check me out I go fishing with him and catch fish on the. Island (bass, 2 pund bluegill)
    2. Liam5ends 0
      Check me out I go fishing with Hume there to pin the Island
    3. saltwatercodyy 0
      nice bass man 👍
    4. fishingmaxster 0
      I am at the lake having a party
    5. james5nds 0
      Ya I think I'm leaving Friday tho @fishingmaxster
    6. fishingmaxster 0
    7. fishingmaxster 0
      You in do
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