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dillon juarez
12/25/2014 10:32:45 PM

I got this 5'6" 2wt for Christmas i can't wait to break it in im going to use 3wt line until I can find some 2wt line

Catch Details

Golden Rainbow Trout
Frio River

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    1. King_Fisher 0
      Yeah I bought some 3 wt. line for my dad for Christmas.
    2. dillon juarez 0
      Thanks @wyldechylde77
    3. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Very cool bud!
    4. dillon juarez 0
      Do you know if they sale the line by its self? @King_Fisher
    5. King_Fisher 0
      Cabelas prestige is on sale and it's great line I don't know if it comes in 2wt though.
    6. King_Fisher 0
      For sure!
    7. Chris Skinner 0
      Should be just fine
    8. dillon juarez 0
      Do you think a 7.5ft floro leader would be good for nymphing @Cowboy713
    9. Chris Skinner 0
      Sounds about right lol
    10. dillon juarez 0
      lol I think 7x is about 2 or 3 lbs @Cowboy713
    11. Chris Skinner 0
      Sounds good! (I don't usually use the X system for my tippets lol, I just buy line weights I'm familiar with)
    12. dillon juarez 0
      Ok thanks I'll have to get another spool for my reel or reel I was thinking about using 6 or 7x tippet @Cowboy713
    13. Chris Skinner 0
      Bass pro, and Cabelas both have 2wt line readily available, I'd probably use 10lb butt section on my leader with 6lb end section, with 4 or 2lb tippet
    14. dillon juarez 0
      I love em for that and it makes all fish look giant @King_Fisher
    15. King_Fisher 0
      Man those short rods are awesome for small brushy streams!
    16. dillon juarez 0
      Thanks @SethSchoedl
    17. SethSchoedl 0
      Nice fly rod
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