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11/17/2014 5:46:29 PM

Throwing it back to the summer

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Largemouth Bass
Lake Hamilton

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    1. Tannerson 0
      Not very much no big fish @mattpercefull
    2. matt percefull 0
      You like Hamilton? @Tannerson
    3. Tannerson 0
    4. Tannerson 0
      Tracker 190 tx pro team. It runs about 45 mph. 90hp 2 stroke. 21 gal gas tank. 3 batteries, 24 volt minnkota fortrex.
    5. jason felter 0
      What is that specific boat? How fast do you go?
    6. Tannerson 0
      It's a 90 @firstnamefisherlastnamemaster @fishin_man
    7. bassburglar123 0
      it might be 60 but it might be a 40
    8. Tyrone Smith 0
      Very nice
    9. jason felter 0
      Nice boat!! What motor do you have on there? Does it get you going pretty fast?
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