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11/16/2014 9:03:29 PM

awesome 26in rainbow i got today

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Golden Rainbow Trout
Green Lane Reservoir

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powerbait mouse tail


    1. dutchman10 0
      @fishonflyco Nice Trout!! Go fishing their for trout, caught some nice ones a couple years ago, the past couple years have been slaying them on the perkiomen
    2. fishonflyco 0
      thanks a lot!! @fishin_man
    3. jason felter 0
      Nice rainbow trout buddy!
    4. FanningFisher12 0
    5. fishonflyco 0
      yah thanks bro! @FanningFisher12
    6. FanningFisher12 0
      Now thats a trout lol
    7. fishonflyco 0
      Thanks man yah i had an ultra light with 4lbs flouro @korbasss88
    8. korbasss88 0
      Very nice trout man , I bet that was a good fight
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