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11/11/2014 12:06:20 AM

my guess is about 11 1/2 lbs, hit

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Largemouth Bass
Katy Ponds

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Golden chickenboy psycho chicken.


    1. Paul Lukas 0
      @hunter_nessen Yeah buddy!!!
    2. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 no worries. The comment wasn't particularly aimed at you anyways
    3. thedevman1 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch I never said any weight. I just said in a round about way it wasn't 11. Lately there's been a few posts where ppl have been posting outrageous ...more weights but this really IS a BOB.
    4. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @Cali_Lunkers @saylor_cline @joemac2242 @thedevman1 @pistolpete49 I've caught this fish before. She is about 9lbs when full and fat. Check my blerts if you doubt ...more MY word.
    5. thedevman1 0
      Great fish kid! But yeah, use a scale. 10 lb fish are hard to come by in small ponds. Even a 2 pounder "looks" and feels like 4 or 5. Good job!
    6. cesarmedina5 0
      I didn't know whales lived in fresh water ponds lol
    7. hunter_nessen 0
      And I'm 5 foot 7
    8. hunter_nessen 0
      @Cali_Lunkers, @saylor_cline, @PistolPete49, @joemac2242
    9. hunter_nessen 0
      I'll post another pic cause I promise you it was
    10. joemac2242 0
      Probably a 7 pounder. Nice fish. But not even close to a dd
    11. PistolPete49 0
      Lol that's bigger than 5 pounds man!You need to get a scale , I'm guessing 7-8 pound bass looks big nice catch
    12. saylor_cline 0
      Good fish but doesn't look over 10
    13. Mike Dangler 0
      That's like a 5lber bro....
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