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11/6/2014 4:37:44 PM

Nice day. Been out for about a hour testing my new reel. I was using fake worms at first, no bite, then I went to fluke,no bite. So I was about to leave then something said try your spin bait. As soon as I almost reeled in boom. This monster hit my pole

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Largemouth Bass
Ft. Lauderdale Coast

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Spin bait strike king


    1. geraldharveyjr1 0
      I'm starting to love spinning bait. Slowly becoming my goto lure. @spankdaddy36
    2. spankdaddy36 0
      Spinner bait is one of my go to lures. That and rattle traps. ALL DAY
    3. geraldharveyjr1 0
      Thanks @PistolPete49
    4. geraldharveyjr1 0
      Lmao. Yea. This what I do when I'm off. @gingersnatch
    5. PistolPete49 0
      Haha ^ nice fish man
    6. reece 0
      I didn't know you fished tech nine
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