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11/1/2014 10:36:10 AM

First catch on my new Abu Garcia Pro Max Baitcast combo! A good 2+ Lb Largemouth Bass... Texas Rigged with a 3/0 offset worm hook and a 1/4oz weight. Casted out in some deep pockets, twitched it a couple times and let it fall then he took it! This is a really nice set up for the price... first Abu Garcia combo!

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Largemouth Bass
Horsepen Bayou

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4 1/2" Watermelon candy Yumphibian


    1. King_Fisher 0
      Haha agreed!
    2. Ignacio 0
      @King_Fisher Yup! As long as I know it was a 2+ pounder I'm satisfied tho!
    3. Ignacio 0
      @meandean713 14LB Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon
    4. King_Fisher 0
      I know that feeling! lol
    5. meandean713 0
      What line you using ?
    6. meandean713 0
      Nice combo !! Nice fish
    7. Ignacio 0
      @King_Fisher I know! If only I had batteries in my scale to weigh it...
    8. King_Fisher 0
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