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10/28/2014 1:42:10 PM

My first snake head I caught!!

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Northern Snakehead

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    1. Dipper_BassMaster_18 0
      South @carlburk
    2. Carl uber 0
      Where in jersey did u kill this thing
    3. Randy McGhee 0
      bass pro gives 50 bucks when u kill and bring in they are illegally here
    4. KingofCats 0
    5. KingofCats 0
      That's a cool fish idk if I have those in my are or not
    6. Dipper_BassMaster_18 0
      Thanks!! @graincuttinboy
    7. Bassfishinboy11 0
      But nice fish @Dipper_BassMaster_18
    8. Bassfishinboy11 0
      It's a good thing you killed it because the can come on to land cause I read that on a sign and it said to turn them into the va huntin and fishin place but ...more I want to catch one so bad and catch bowfin
    9. FanningFisher12 0
      My knife lookin good 👌
    10. jmac420 0
      Nice catch. A lot are caught in jersey and I catch them in central jersey..where in NJ did you catch this?
    11. DaPikeKilla 0
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