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10/24/2014 2:46:12 PM

My Girlfriend went to Academy, and I asked her to get me a chatterbait, she sends me that picture and asks if that's alright, I say no and she says too bad I already left haha. Works for me, got a sweet crankbait outta it.

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Largemouth Bass

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Girlfriend doesn't bout fishing stuff so I win haha


    1. outlaw54813 0
      @SaFisher5 and @TexasFisher07 we need to go fishing!
    2. Sutton Dole 0
      Yea the bill falls off pretty easily
    3. killerbackstrap 0
      Sorry about the right now
    4. killerbackstrap 0
      I had one like that I hooked a 8pounder an it broke the bill right now
    5. TexasFisher07 0
      Your to little for that one buddy! Better let me have it lol
    6. SaFisher5 0
      Thanks @fishin_man been wanting to get this crank for awhile, just couldn't convince myself to pay 7 bucks for it. Good for me she did haha
    7. Lunk_Lifestyle 0
      Lol haha
    8. jason felter 0
      Haha! Good looking lure!
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