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10/20/2014 1:20:04 AM

Went fishing in Menard, got skunked, but tried out my new seat, worked great! Way better than the last one!

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Largemouth Bass
San Saba River

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Anything and everything.


    1. herdh 0
      It is a really good place to fish
    2. herdh 0
      My river house is on the San Saba river in Menard every time I go I catch 15-55 bass
    3. Chris Skinner 0
      Dang :( no fun!
    4. SaFisher5 0
      Thanks man! I'll be off this weekend but I'll be outta town :/ @Cowboy713
    5. Chris Skinner 0
      Nice shot buddy! When you off this week?
    6. SaFisher5 0
      Thanks! @TexasFisher07
    7. TexasFisher07 0
      Great pic!!
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