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10/14/2014 1:22:38 AM

Caught about a dozen blue crabs at clam lake 2 days ago.

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Blue Crab
Sabine Lake

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    1. gabelowery22 0
      Hey I think you have crabs lol @BurratBurrat
    2. ReelFishnTx 0
      Makes me hungry!
    3. BurratBurrat 0
      Yea crabs are thick back a clam lake @Lon85
    4. BurratBurrat 0
      At wooden pier @Set_That_Hook the bridge was packed
    5. Lon85 0
      Looks like some fattie ones too! 👍👌
    6. Hai Nguyen 0
      at the wooden piers or the bridge @BurratBurrat
    7. BurratBurrat 0
      Thanks and String @Lon85
    8. Lon85 0
      Nice haul! Crab trap or string?
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