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10/6/2014 12:56:41 AM

Went down to Jones Bay this Saturday! Walked away with a 16" trout and 20" red! The day was beautiful with conditions 70-75 degrees, 8 mph winds NNE. Bite started late around 11am, that's when I got these two! Couldn't ask for more being on the water is already the best!

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Red (redfish) Drum

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Precision Tackle Cajun Thunder Float Popping Cork-14" 30lb mono leader-H&H Quarter Oz Neon Green Jighead-3" Gulp Shrimp Pearl White/Chartreuse


    1. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      Nice man, it is pretty dang good @aryanminooe99
    2. aryanminooe99 0
      Awesome fish! I have a house on that canal that connects jones bay to the other side. Tiki island fishing is the best!
    3. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      Thanks man! Next time you're coming haha
    4. Brandon alt 0
      Oh shoot nice job man
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