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Roger Connolly
9/30/2014 8:21:44 PM

Morning fishing with @cloch16 started out with some finger mullet and a few live shrimp we caught in the cast net, had a few bites and then switched to gulp and that did the trick. Had a bunch of undersized trout, reds and founder throughout the morning and ended with 2 keeper flounder. Slight wind out of the east, cool this morning then hot when sun came out.

Catch Details

Gulf Flounder
Baytown Ponds

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Gulp swimming mullet


    1. Yup I got a Curado on the same rod!
    2. Roger Connolly 0
      Mettle and ethos! Love it. @MagicYaker
    3. That setup looks familiar!
    4. It's good until the vamps come out lol! @RogerDale
    5. TexasAngler89 0
      I got to work tom man! But good luck! I gotta stock up on more jig heads ha cause I got snags so much today @RogerDale
    6. fishinggal 0
      Wondering about the battleground park. Coworker said I should check it out there.
    7. fishinggal 0
      @RogerDale Haha...I just posted a blert about going that way this weekend.
    8. Roger Connolly 0
      Yes ma'am, unfortunately. Luckily it is Port Arthur so I might head down and fish Sabine Lake. @fishinggal
    9. Roger Connolly 0
      I think I'm heading back out there in the morning. If fishing is slow, maybe we can check out another spot. @TexasAngler89
    10. TexasAngler89 0
      Good fishing today man! Hit me up wenever you decide to head back this way and do some fishing. I know a few more spots that produce flounder. Tight lines brotha! ...more @RogerDale
    11. fishinggal 0
      Cool. Going out of town again? @RogerDale
    12. Roger Connolly 0
      Yeah, right by marina. @fishinggal
    13. fishinggal 0
      @RogerDale In the back?
    14. Roger Connolly 0
      Also met @TexasAngler89 up there. Tight lines!
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