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9/15/2014 10:40:32 PM

Anybody know anything about this reel? Is it good? Has 450 yards of 20 pound test and 250 yards of 40. Planning on using it with a Diawa beef stick on piers. Any other cheap reel recommendations would be awesome. Thanks

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Red (redfish) Drum
Galveston Island Beach

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Whiting mullet etc


    1. CarpMaster 0
      The price? @bgelske
    2. bgelske 0
      That's sick
    3. jacob jacob 0
      Spend a bit more get a penn330...amazing reel
    4. Swamp Mafia 0
      I have a 209 and it's the same just a little smaller and it has worked great on catfish to bull reds and med sharks. They cast well, but not as well as a non-level ...more wind reels.
    5. thomasgreens1 0
      That's a piece of shitt! Don't ever get it the line always gets stuck
    6. CarpMaster 0
      Ok, thanks everyone
    7. CarpMaster 0
      Ok, thanks everyone
    8. Surf_Monkey 0
      I'd suggest the Penn Jigmaster. It's the same as that without the level wind.
    9. Jacob Breaux 0
      gonna want something long and that can handle casting 4-6oz plus bait. Ideally something around 8-10' and rated for 20-40lb line
    10. Jacob Breaux 0
      Wipe it down with a wet rag after every use, then dry it. Grease the worm gear every now and then. Don't let it fall in the sand. I wouldn't recommend a ...more spinning rod if you can afford it. You're
    11. CarpMaster 0
      How do I keep it clean? @bassinboy01 and thanks for all the help! Oh and BTW would this reel work on a spinning rod?
    12. Jacob Breaux 0
      Yea they'll cast fine, but that level wind might get in your way. If it gets dirty, it could seize on you
    13. CarpMaster 0
      @bassinboy01 the description on the site said something about a boat reel. Think it'd work on the pier for sayyyy 20-40 yard casts?
    14. Texas_Slam 0
      But just pack it with 30mono if you feel strong about that 309. Idk I don't like going cheap if I'm messing with big baits. Go avet or diawa or jig master ...more penn.
    15. CarpMaster 0
      Thanks @Texas_Slam
    16. Texas_Slam 0
      FTU rod-$140+diawa sealine-160
    17. Jacob Breaux 0
      Great starter. I think they're cheaper at Wally World though
    18. CarpMaster 0
      @Texas_Slam @bassinboy01 @MulletHead @matt
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