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brittany bassett
9/15/2014 1:53:04 PM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Diamond Valley Lake

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used @coolbaitlures in diamond valley. Pulled out my 1 bass


    1. troutfisher 0
      Ok thanks
    2. brittany bassett 0
      @troutfisher my boyfriend shawn makes them. If you have an instagram look up @coolbaitlures and same name for Facebook. His number is 951 906 7639. you can call ...more or text him.
    3. troutfisher 0
      Ok thanks and where can I buy them
    4. brittany bassett 0
      @troutfisher the way I use it is I let it sink to the bottom then I reel in real slow. keeping it as close to the bottom as I can.
    5. troutfisher 0
      How do you work the coolbait under spins
    6. troutfisher 0
      That lake has been terrible
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